Before you start this need to know one very important fact. If you have the EADM (Electronic Arts Download Manager) installed on your PC, then you WILL need to uninstall that FIRST. If you don't, then you'll be wasting your time doing the SecuROM Removal Tute, because if you still have the EADM installed, it will reinstall SecuROM back into your PC.

If you need to remove the EADM from your PC, please use either of these two links to get you to the
EADM Removal Instructions


As some gamers have had issues with the RegDelNull program not working properly anymore to find and remove some of the SecuROM files, (possibly due to a change that may have been made to the latest SecuROM versions)
This is a revision of the “A Cleaned Up Version of MATY Removal Instructions Walkthrough by Aphroditawhich is now in our archived section.
I’ve tried to make these instructions as easy as I could so that almost anyone is able to follow them without too much trouble.

The other alternative to successfully removing SecuROM is to re-format your hard drive. The choice is yours to make.
There are two parts to this tutorial

Here is a very simple tutorial to remove the SecuROM files from your PC.

Part .1

Now to start the tutorial for using the SecuROM Removal Tool.

1. Download & Install the SecuROM Removal Tool from here: Removal Tool

2. Extract the files to your C:\ Drive

3. For Vista, See Step #4; For XP check out Step #5

4. On Vista, go to your Start Menu and select All Programs; Accessories; Run.

5. On XP, go to your Start Menu and select RUN.

6. Type in cmd once the Run dialog box appears

7. Command Prompt program will now run. Type in cd c:\ in the window and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
This will change the directory to the C:\ drive, as that is where you need to be to run the program.

8. Now type in the following SecuROM Remover.exe /fulluninstall and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
It should look like this, prior to pressing the Enter key! * Except for where is says ' Administrator ' - it will have the name of the Administrator (maybe another name) of your PC.

9. Pressing ENTER will run the SecuROM Removal Tool - You will probably get an error prompt box come up with (Not all SecuROM components were uninstalled successfully. Please reboot and make sure to login under an account having administrator privileges) This is a standard message from the removal tool, please just ignore it and answer OK.
This is also why you DO need to do the second part of this tutorial.
The reason for that message is because Sony/SecuROM doesn't want ALL of SecuROM removed from our PC' leaves some registry Files behind on purpose by Sony/SecuROM.
The files it leaves behind is left there so that SecuROM re-installs itself if you don't know about removing the rest of the files and don't do the second part of this tutorial thoroughly.

10. Most of the SecuROM files will now have been wiped off of your PC's System!

11. Don’t run your games off of the CDs/DVD's anymore or use your original .exe files as that will re-install SecuROM on your PC.

If you've managed to get through that part, then Congratulations! You’re almost there.
Please Restart your computer now!

Part .2

Your next task is to remove the remaining SecuROM files from your Registry.

To remove them, please follow the instructions below very carefully:

You will need to go into your registry -

For XP users - Start by going to the Start button then to Run type regedit to get in there.
For Win7 and Vista users - Go to the Start button, then to All Programs then to Accessories then to Run then type in regedit to get to where you search all your registry folders.


Then once you're in...go to the top menu bar and click on -edit- find. Type in SecuROM then click on the Find Next button.

If any results show up...just right-click with your mouse button on it and select delete from the should allow you to remove it.
Then just keep repeating the search until nothing shows up.

You should also do the same search process for the following file names:
CmdLineContextMenu Class

This one is for Win7, Vista and Windows XP 64 users only:

If you don't get any results from some of the file searches, please don't panic...that just means you have been successful in removing the SecuROM files from your registry properly.
Not all of these files will show up in a search, it just depends on what version of SecuROM was in your PC.

Sometimes the SecuROM / License Information in the registry won't let you delete it... if that happens you can download the TrashReg program and install it. Once installed, go to 'File' then select 'Search Null-embedded Keys...' This will find the SecuROM License key that you couldn't delete before.... look at what's written in the bottom window to make sure it is the correct one.... once you know it is, click on the right one in the top window and right click on it, then select 'Delete selected keys'. if no more are in there related / named SecuROM, then you know it's done.

Step -1
Step - 2
Step - 3

You can now restart your PC and do the Registry search again to make sure you didn’t miss anything the first time, and if nothing shows up in the repeated search, then you’re now SecuROM FREE …. Congratulations! You did GREAT

A program that comes in handy after completing any of the Removal tutorials is CCleaner. CCleaner has a free version, so if you want the free one, then make sure to download the free version and not a paid version.

If you require further help with removing SecuROM, you can use the link below.
The link will take you straight to the thread where you can ask questions about the removal or to ask for help with it. You will find we're more than happy to help out
You will need to join up as a member on Prism to be able to post!

Ask for SecuROM removal help here!

This tutorial is dedicated to Aphrodita

Updated: 28th July 2014