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Thread: the sims 2 bon voyage securom

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    the sims 2 bon voyage securom

    hi I new here hope I posted this in right place

    I guess I have had securom on my pc since I first got bon voyage when it first came out and I'm one of the lucky ones that hasnt had any trouble from securom so I wanna know if it was going to mess up my pc would have already or can it take a long time like around 4 years and also if i get another sims 2 game securom will it mess up my pc then thanks for any help

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    Hi simjennifer
    First off, Welcome to RYG.

    Quote Originally Posted by simjennifer89 View Post
    if i get another sims 2 game securom will it mess up my pc
    If you've already had SecuROM on your PC all this time, then I don't think it would suddenly do anything different than it has already done so far... but that doesn't mean it won't if you install another Sims2 pack (with or without SecuROM).

    SecuROM can work in strange ways and no one really knows all the things that set it off to mess things up on PC's and Laptops. Hence why not everyone gets effected by SecuROM.

    So, in other words, there is no one who can give you a 100% correct answer to if it will cause you trouble or not...

    Only thing I can suggest is that you do a FULL backup of EVERYTHING on your PC and a full backup of your OS and then try adding another Sims 2 pack. That way if something does go wrong, you've saved everything and can start from scratch with all your saved stuff (nothing but time is lost).


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