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    What are the most annoying trends in gaming? (725 Votes)

    1. Relying on post-release support far too much (74 Votes)

    2. Paying for "add-ons" that are just part of the game blocked off (145 Votes)

    3. "Cinematic experiences" (39 Votes)

    4. Announcing an announcement (32 Votes)

    5. Announcing games eons before they're released (41 Votes)

    6. Wii rail shooters (12 Votes)

    7. Blaming gamers for company mishaps (99 Votes)

    8. DRM mismanagement (167 Votes)

    9. Competitive mult-player for the sake of it (55 Votes)

    10. Games that are far too short (61 Votes)

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    The ten most annoying trends in gaming

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    In this article, the ten most annoying trends for gaming are discussed:...

    Lisa Pham 20th August 2014, 10:38 PM Go to last post
    Lisa Pham-1

    Digital Refunds Reinforced - UK

    Thread Starter: fs_xyz

    Not sure where to post this. It should be a positive sign, because this policy come from consumer right bill from UK. It won't be a world wide...

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    A game from donation result

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    The chain of event : http://kotaku.com/5883566/the-creators-of-monkey-island-want-to-make-another-old+school-adventure-game...

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    Prepare yourself for SOPA round 2

    Thread Starter: fs_xyz


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