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    “Love the platform, love the product, and love the Gamers”. It’s our simple formula in crafting successful consumer experiences for our Developers, Publishers, DRM Vendors and Digital Distributors. However, we know it’s not easy finding that right balance between these three ideals. Some gloss over the PC platform; others overlook the product. Unfortunately, many neglect the most important part of PC Gaming: The gamers. At RYG, our job is simple: help our clients get it right from start to finish. It’s the only way they can get on doing what they do best: it may be developing that PC game, DRM or Distribution Platform. This is how it’s done with our passionate team of consumer-experience specialists.

    1. Research and Discovery
    2. Analysis and Evaluation
    3. Strategy and Implementation
    4. Guidance and Support
    5. What is Sustainable PC Gaming? And what’s our Gold Seal of Approval?

    1) Research and Discovery

    It starts with a casual hello, a cordial meet-and-greet and, of course, a smile. You see, we don’t operate the way some agencies or consultancy firms operate. You know, the ones that simply jumps into every request that comes our way. For us, the time in getting to know you, your brand, your leaders, your teams, your dreams and your business strategies are as important as developing a tailored strategy that can help you captivate your consumers with your PC Game, DRM or Distribution Platform.

    We never apply our lens of analysis and evaluation until we have an intimate understanding of you and your business. You can trust us with complete confidence when you confide your struggles, frustrations – even your deepest, darkest problems to us. Our job at RYG is to help you solve your issues and concerns. The more you’re willing to show and tell us, the more we can help.

    Of course, we don’t just accept anyone, even if you offer to pay us a large and substantial fee. Our line of work relies so much on mutual responsibility, trust and a certain willingness to be bold, courageous and daring. It is simply not enough that we perform all the hard work if you’re not willing to match our level of passion and dedication every step of the way. This is our way of ensuring that greater chance of success for you and for your consumers.

    Still interested in working with us? Give us a shout.

    2) Analysis and Evaluation

    Our analytical and evaluating process isn’t about showing you how poor your PC Games, DRMs or Distribution Platforms performed. It’s about defining that unseen potential that’s missing from what we’ve learned and discovered from our meet-and-greet. We analyse a broad spectrum of characteristics, all of which touch upon how your consumer and PC Gamers interact actively and passively with your PC Game, DRM or Distribution Platform. We analyse:
    • Your DRM strategy, such as your documentation strategy, product activation technology and “sunset” strategy.
    • Your content strategy, which encompasses your product website, product packaging, documentation and “offline” support.
    • Your Privacy Policies, some of which will tie into your DRM strategy
    • Your End User License Agreement (EULAs) in its entirety
    • How your PC Game, DRM or Distribution Platform physically interacts with your consumers PCs.
    • Your Consumers “User Experience” as a whole, particularly after they’ve used your product
    • And your after-sales / technical / customer support.

    You can have a look at a number of our evaluation reports in which our analysis and evaluations are based upon. Take heart. It’s not such a bad thing if you find one of your products faring quite poorly on our list. Everyone in the Industry, based on long-term research and studies, aren't doing too well either in the core areas of positive consumer experience, branding and satisfaction. It’s a dominating reason why we offer this service to you: we want to transform the way PC Games are made for PC Gamers. Ultimately, it starts with you and how you feel about being a part of this positive transformation.

    Still interested in working with us? Give us a shout.

    3) Strategy and Implementation

    Where many will end with an editorial rant about the flaws of the Industry, their passionate, yet loosely documented solutions, or pass on a raft of “suggestions” for Industry figures to gloss over, we will go beyond the rhetoric and design a series of solutions tailored to you, your product and your brand that positively reflects the expectation and satisfactions of your Consumers and PC Gamers. This is where the actual fun begins: the thoughtful process and hard work in problem solving, strategy and implementation to marry your aspirations and dreams with our experience and expertise in crafting meaningful user experiences for all Consumers and PC Gamers.

    Our consumer-experience specialists will work with you in developing and designing tailored solutions that are:
    • Realistic
    • Achievable
    • Useful
    • Renewable
    • Sustainable
    • And Profitable.

    At RYG, we make sure our solutions work for you – that they meet your creative and financial requirements; that they are practical, forward-thinking and relevant in future projects; that they do meet the demands and expectations of your consumers in winning their confidence, loyalty and satisfaction.

    Of course, it’s not enough for us to just “designing solutions” for you. Sure, we’re not in the business of turning tricks. But our no-nonsense strategies and practical advice is only as good as your willingness to work with us and actually take these solutions on board. The very success of your PC Game, DRM or Distribution Platform rests with you. We merely facilitate your path to success and consumer satisfaction, from start to finish.

    Still interested in working with us? Give us a shout.

    4) Guidance and Support

    Why should it end when your PC Game, DRM or Distribution Platform is launched, or relaunched? Success is constantly a process of continuous improvement. At RYG, we provide those regular checkups and after-support reviews to see how you’re going in nurturing that PC Platform for your product, be it that PC Game, DRM or Distribution Platform. Most importantly, we’re interested in how your PC Gamers and Consumers have responded to your new-found attitude to PC Gaming.

    We’re always interested in working with you on future projects if you feel we’re a right fit for you, your brand and your teams. After all, our interest always remains on improving the PC Gaming Industry with the ever-present focus on seeing positive and transparent consumer-experiences.

    Please contact Lisa or Martin Pham if you’re keen on learning more about our services. We’re always interested in working with passionate folks that do care and give a damn about PC Gamers and PC Gaming.

    5) What is Sustainable PC Gaming? And what’s our Seal of Approval?

    The term “Sustainable PC Gaming” was introduced by Aaron Dignan in his first book on behavioural gaming, Game Frame. In it, he explained how gaming generated an infinite supply of fun, which in turn led to his idea of fun being a renewable resource in abundance if harnessed correctly.

    We’ve decided to appropriate his concept into our business practices as it has always been our goal to provide a strong and stable platform for our clients in creating PC games that are designed to last for generations. But it doesn't have to end there. In fact, why should it end there if it merely serves as the beginning for those that do yearn for a long and successful journey in PC Gaming?

    Sustainable PC Gaming, in our belief, builds stronger brands, create more jobs, increase market share and grow customer satisfaction all on the foundations of pure, unadulterated fun. Sure, we know it’s also about making money, but profits will always come after you have the right foundations that will help any company succeed for years to come. That’s why we’ve created our Gold Seal of Approval. It represents the positive things about PC Gaming. It exemplifies respect, trust and shows the utmost responsibility to PC Gamers and Consumers for companies that are serious about PC Gaming.

    Our job is NOT to hand this to anyone unless they’re 100% committed in making a positive difference for PC Gaming and for PC Gamers everywhere.

    So if you see a game with this Gold Seal of Approval that’s on our footer, you’ll know that the companies involved have gone through great lengths to make this game playable, enjoyable and fun for you without complicated EULAs, poor website content, sketchy privacy policies and, above all, irresponsible DRM practices. If you’re in the video gaming industry and you would like this Seal of Approval stamped on your game, DRM or distribution platform, then please give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do for you.