• RYG's Friday Lineup: PCGamingWiki

    In continuing with our love to promote the good stuff (as we did with Shrewd Reviews) and to inspire others to share in similar likeness we thought we'd give PCGamingWiki a hat tip for providing something the PC Gaming Community sorely needs: A free-to-access troubleshooting wiki on every PC Game out there without the angst and frustration.

    RYG's Site of The Week: PCGamingWiki

    Imagine a content strategist taking that one step further and showing how the bigwigs of video gaming do it by pooling all sorts of troubleshooting information on one, memorable, website? Now imagine this strategist doing this all on his dime, on his own hours whilst holding another full time job. Not a lot of people would have imagined this years ago, but in an age where anyone can be a designer, entrepreneur and make something of themselves in an Internet market Andrew Tsai (@Andytizer) has ambitiously set out to achieve the Herculean task of making PCGamingWiki the one-stop-shop for troubleshooting PC Games.

    We've all spent hours trawling through forums, websites and support Q&A to get a PC game to work. Do you spend more time researching and setting up games than actually playing them? We present to you PCGamingWiki, with a page for every PC game, for optimisations, settings, common fixes and hacks. Let's fix PC Gaming!
    For a few hours each day, Andrew, along with 700 of his faithful editors, copywriters, researchers, benefactors and gaming enthusiasts, go about their business on PCGamingWiki adding new games, creating useful guides, such as how to Build a PC, Troubleshoot PC Hardware, and figure out the best ways to optimise your GPU for that perfect gaming experience. They've even taken the care to curate a Gaming Glossary Guide suited for all PC Gamers of varying experiences.

    Personally, I'm reminded of why websites exist and why some of the best (freely viewable) websites out there deserve a bit of donations here and there to keep their content fresh, relevant and meaningful for all of us. However, we believe much of PCGamingWiki's success won't fall towards financial safety, but through mutual collaboration between PC Gamers in providing useful titbits of information whenever they feel it's necessary for all PC Gamers.

    As lofty and idealistic as that sounds, it's something we can see in PCGamingWiki in a year or two if they continue with the positive momentum they have now.

    If you need to contact PCGamingWiki you can create an account and write away, or contact Andrew and his team via their About Us pages. Andrew can be found either on Twitter or through his gmail account. They're also gracious for any donations, big or small.

    If anyone else can point us in the right direction to some unique content out there on all things video gaming, please, feel free to let us know and we'll see what we can do by way of weekly promotion.

    Feel free to leave a comment on our forums. You may need to register an RYG account with us if you haven't done so.